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RLEP ALERT:  Rappahannock Electric is sending out notices to landowners about imminent spraying herbicide under electric lines. In the event you prefer NOT to have herbicide sprayed, they will clear under lines the old fashioned way….by hand or machine.  Neither is pretty, but you can avoid herbicides if so inclined.

     The young men who do the actual spraying are not well versed in being careful around streams, and often spray mountain laurel, ferns and other desirable plants.You can opt out by writing to REC and they will mark your property with an NHA sign…No Herbicide Allowed.

     The herbicide is typically glyphosate, also known as Roundup, which may be linked to undesirable human health issues as well as being devastating to insect and stream life.

GAS PIPELINES:  This article from the Center for Public Integrity outlines the many proposed gas pipelines in the north-east and concerns associated therewith.   RLEP recognizes the needs for energy, but also understands the consequences and need for care.

Pesticides Regulations – HR953 :  House Bill HR953 aims to deregulate the discharge of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and others in or near navigable waterways.  It makes no sense at all and is simply a lobbyist’s dream for the pesticide industry (and corporate cash in some politicians’ re-election fund).  Worth a read and a written comment to your representatives.

River Re-Routes due to climate change:  Climate Change Reroutes River in Canadian Yukon in an Instant!  This is amazing.  An entire river changes course almost instantly from the the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean due to climate warming.  A warning of things to come!

National Geographic  Interesting Article on Antarctic ice melt… An ice shelf the size of Delaware has broken off since this was posted.