May 5, 2018Greg Redfern, NASA Solar System Ambassador, returns for a new fantastic power point display of the universe…you don’t want to miss this.  Greg’s talks are fantastic…

May 27, 2017Saturday 7:00 PM:  Greg Redfern, NASA Solar System Ambassador, gave a fantastic power point tour of the universe in the main Castleton Festival Building on Hope Hill Rd, Castleton, Va.  This event was FREE and over 275 people were in attendance.

October 29, 2016: Saturday, 5:30-8:00 PM: RLEP hosted a RAPPAHANNOCK STARRY NIGHTS Program at 560 Battle Mountain Rd, Amissville VA (about one mile south of Rte 211). The event featured astronomers, presentations, telescopes, photographs of the Milky Way by Joyce Harman, constellation viewings with laser pointer and more!

April 2016: STARRY/DARK SKIES FORUM  Over 60 people attended this initial forum and many remarked how much they appreciated and enjoyed it. Paul Bogard, JMU professor, spoke eloquently on the topic of the loss of our ability to see the stars all over the world.  Approximately 83% of the world’s population will never see the Milky Way. Laura Greenleaf joined the discussion as co-director of the Virginia Chapter of the “Dark Skies Organization” and offered useful tips on how to achieve and maintain our Starry Nights. Her organization is instrumental in helping communities protect their night skies.