Greg Redfern Returns to Castleton Theatre on May 5th for another colossal presentation on the universe!  We will also have two Dark Skies events at the county park in March and April, weather permitting!


Our first Stroll for the Soul took place in Fall of 2017 at Hill House Nursery.  Janet Davis took us on a stroll around her farm to see native plants, trees and meadows!  A haven for pollinators, song birds and the caterpillar larvae so important to feeding native baby song birds.

May 27, 2017: Saturday 7:00 PM, Memorial Day Weekend:  GREG REDFERN , NASA Solar System Ambassador, gave a fantastic power point tour of the universe in the main Castleton Festival Building on Hope Hill Rd, Castleton, Va.  This event was FREE and over 275 people were in attendance.

October 29, 2016:  (Saturday evening, 5:30-8:00 PM) RLEP will host a RAPPAHANNOCK STARRY NIGHTS Program
 560 Battle Mountain Rd, Amissville VA (about one mile south of Rte 211)
This event will feature astronomers, presentations, telescopes, photographs of the Milky Way by Joyce Harmon (courtesy RAAC’s Claudia Mitchell Fund  grant), Constellation viewings with laser pointer and more!  Event starts at 5:30 PM with sunset at 6:15.  SEE HOME PAGE FOR DETAILS!

October 2016:  Janet Davis and Hill House Nursery will have a Native Plant Sale:  RLEP supports the proliferation of native plants and eradication of invasive plant species.  Watch for exact date and more information.

November 2016:   ANNUAL MEETING:  Place to be announced.  All current members are welcome to this fun event.

RLEP is on a growth drive.  JOIN US as a fellow caretaker of Rappahannock.  Make your voice heard in the Comprehensive Plan, and at Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission Meetings.   We are working on a new database for members.   Please send us your current email.  Tell us your environmental dream, perhaps we can help make it happen. Contact us!

2016 & 2017:  INVASIVE SPECIES BEWARE  Sam Quinn of Sunnyside Biologist fame is coordinating between RLEP and Blue Ridge PRISM which gained an award for the eradication of invasive plant species! This is a fantastic endeavor and worthy of praise. We will keep you informed on how this will happen, who will be eligible to participate, what it all means and what you can do to participate in this endeavor.

2016:  THE RLEP SOLAR COOPERATIVE was hugely successful for 2015-2016.  Over 80 people joined the cooperative, and approximately 35 have installed solar panels for their homes or farms…at a significantly reduced price by being members of a cooperative and obtaining a bulk bid.  This initiative was so successful we hope to repeat it next year!

April 2016:  STARRY/DARK SKIES FORUM  Over 60 people attended this initial forum and many remarked how much they appreciated and enjoyed it.  Dark Skies are important for Rappahannock as a natural wonder, a significant part of our natural beauty and a potential source of tourism. You will be hearing more on this topic!  
Paul Bogard
, JMU professor, spoke eloquently on the topic of the loss of our ability to see the stars all over the world.  Approximately 83% of the world’s population will never see the Milky Way.READ Prof. Paul Bogard’s book “The End of Night, Searching for Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light” and be inspired.
Laura Greenleaf joined the discussion as co-director of the Virginia Chapter of the “Dark Skies Organization” and offered useful tips on how to achieve and maintain our Starry Nights. Her organization is instrumental in helping communities protect their night skies.

April 2016:  TRASH FREE RAPPAHANNOCK awoke from a multi-year slumber with the sponsorship of RLEP.  We supported this volunteer effort with advertising and free orange trash bags and orange vests for all participants.  Organized by Jan Makela, the effort was a big success and VDOT picked up the bags for free!.  Look  for this again in April of 2017.

THE ANNUAL MEETING  was held in November 2015.  Once again, Wasmunds Distillery kindly hosted us. Recent accomplishments were briefly reviewed and  Ann and Larry Wohlers were awarded the RLEP SPIRIT AWARD for creating a wildflower meadow on their property and for Larry’s work in forming the Solar Power Cooperative.

In The Past:  An Alternative Energy EXPO was produced by RLEP for four consecutive years, with many top people in the solar and alternative fields.   It may be time to bring this back again!