Solar Energy


RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTY has gone SOLAR! RLEP formed a Solar cooperative with the assistance of VASUN.  To date (Dec 2015) nearly 100 homeowners joined the cooperative and are able to save approximately 20% on installation costs through an RFP bidding process.  Combined with a 30% Federal Tax Credit, Rappahannock residents are enjoying a 50% savings on going solar…and the installations pay themselves off in electricity savings in about 8-12 years (depending on usage). Now that’s a deal that’s hard to beat!

See Below for the Cooperative Process RLEP went through to do this in 2015.

An RLEP committee chaired by Larry Wohlers, has found a way for residents of Rappahannock County to join together to save on solar installations.

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Is now the time for residents of Rappahannock County to go solar? Virginia law now requires electric utilities to engage in “net metering” with residential solar facilities, and substantial federal tax credits (30% of installed cost) remain available through December 31, 2016. Information will be presented by experts from Virginia Solar United Neighborhoods (VA SUN), a non-profit community organization that helps Virginians go solar.

Over the past two years, VA SUN has helped numerous Virginia communities create informal solar homeowner groups, or “co-ops”. These co-ops both reduce the cost and greatly simplify the installation of residential solar panels.

The April 26 session is open to all. Our objective is to learn enough to decide whether there is sufficient interest in the county to start our own solar co-op initiative.
Please RSVP to:  (or) 540-675-RLEP (540-675-7537)

For questions or further information, contact: Larry Wohlers : 540-216-0345

How a Co-op Works

Homeowners attend a co-op info meeting to learn about solar, the co-op process, and the cost of installing a system. Those that are interested then sign up to join the co-op via the VA SUN website. Once the group is large enough, VA SUN helps the co-op solicit competitive bids from area solar installers, and select a single company to complete all of the installations. Homeowners incur no legal obligations whatsoever until they individually accept a final, detailed proposal for their specific property from the selected installer. By going solar as a group and choosing a single installer, each participant generally save 20-30% off the cost of their system. They also have the support of their fellow co-op members and VA SUN throughout the process.

About Virginia SUN

Our goal is to extend the benefits of solar power to every part of Virginia and to all residents. VA SUN works through grassroots organizing, policy engagement, and ratepayer advocacy. The group assists a diverse array of homeowners, organizations, and others in Virginia and to save money through solar power by providing free technical assistance and other organizing support. VA SUN is a project of Community Power Network.