Environmental Topics

Environmental Topics:

LOCAL ANNUALLY: Rappahannock Electric sends notices about spraying glyphosate under power lines. In the event you prefer to NOT have herbicide sprayed, they will clear under lines by hand or machine.  You must opt out in writing and they will mark your line with an NHA sign…”No Herbicide Allowed”.

Harvard Study on Effects of light at night on Breast Cancer

Plastics are rapidly accumulating in the Greenland and Barents Seas.  End results unknown but most likely problematic.

Sea Life invades US western shores from Japan’s tsunami. This article points out the potential dangers of new sea life that has floated across the ocean on plastic and other items swept out to sea by the tsunami that destroyed Fukushima’s nuclear reactors.

Arkansas vs Monsanto:  Arkansas wants to ban a  weed killer prone to wind drift…the battle is joined with Monsanto.  The chemical is Dicamba and it replaces Roundup (glyphosate) where plants are becoming immune to glyphosate.  But it only works on Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds.  It kills other farmers plants.  Tough luck says Monsanto.

Trump nominates Michael L. Dourson to head EPA Chemical Regulation Division.  Dourson worked at EPA, then set up a consulting business for chemical firms fighting EPA regulation of their chemicals.  See link about Dourson who has fought chemical regulation for years.and think about your air and water supply, the plants you eat and the animals you eat who eat the plants. We are what we eat.

Plastics are overwhelming our oceans.  It is estimated that by 2050 the amount of plastics will out-weigh the fish in the ocean.  See related article from NPR News.

Effect of popular Neonicotinoid on bees.

NEW STUDY offers hope for early Lyme disease diagnosis.  The new research is creating a buzz within the medical community.

GAS PIPELINES:  This article from the Center for Public Integrity outlines the many proposed gas pipelines in the north-east and concerns associated therewith. RLEP recognizes the needs for energy, but also understands the consequences and need for care.

Pesticides Regulations – HR953:  House Bill HR953 aims to deregulate the discharge of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and others in or near navigable waterways.  It makes no sense at all and is simply a lobbyist’s dream for the pesticide industry (and corporate cash in some politicians’ re-election fund).  Worth a read and a written comment to your representatives.