Current & Recent RLEP Events

March 17, 2018  RLEP will host an event at the Rappahannock County Park in support of Dark Skies.  This event is weather dependent.  If cold or rainy weather call for confirmation.

April 14, 2018  RLEP will host a second forum at the Rapp County park in support of Dark skies.  Same weather restrictions.

May 4, RLEP sponsors Greg Redfern, NASA solar system Ambassador, at the Rappahannock High School for students.

May 5, 2018 Greg Redfern, NASA Solar system Ambassador, returns to Castleton Theatre for another blockbuster show.  A free public event but reservations requested as we had a full house last year!

2017 Events

May 27, 2017: Upcoming!: NASA Solar Ambassador Greg Redfern presents a lively and colorful show of the Universe in the Castleton Theatre Festival Building in support of Rappahannock’s night skies and the Shenandoah National Park’s desire to be designated a “Dark Skies Certified Park”.  This event is FREE to the public.  Please RSVP for head count!

Afterwards, there will also be an outdoor viewing of the stars and constellations with laser pointer and telescopes (weather permitting). Contact for reservations.

2017 Upcoming!  Strolls for the Soul begins this year with walks through Native Plant venues and inspiring natural elements, followed by a picnic!  Watch for dates and venues and SIGN UP!

2017  On-Going! Down-shielding outdoor lights (voluntarily) is an on-going project to preserve everyone’s view of the stars so beautiful over Rappahannock.  REC (Rapp Electric) has obtained Night Sky friendly pole lights to replace the old fashioned ones. Call Rick for details 540-675-1373

2016 Solar Cooperative: RLEP took 39 local homes solar by contracting in bulk and soliciting low cost bids for a 20% cost savings to augment the 30% federal tax credit!

2016 Starry Nights kicked off last October with three astronomers, two large telescopes, night star photography lessons and other exhibits. A great event enjoyed by over 70 people.  Viewers saw the Andromeda Galaxy, the Boy Scout star (actually two stars, one blue and one gold which make up the head of the Swan in the constellation Cignus), and numerous other significant stars.  A plethora of constellations and stars were on fine display that night.

2016  Prof. Paul Bogard, author of The End of Night, presented photographs and discussion (bordering poetic)  about preserving the night skies.  He was accompanied by Laura Greenleaf of the Virginia Chapter of the Dark Skies Association.  Shenandoah National Park wants to be designated as Dark Skies Certified.  We think this is possible for Rappahannock as well.  A potential boon to tourism and some local jobs.

2015: Butterfly Trail Bridge was built by Joe Keyser as an RLEP Board member, for the Town of Washington in support of native plants, insects and birds.  No Native Plants = No Native Insects = No Native Birds…  Plant native species… you will be glad you did.

Call us if you need help or advice on Native Plants… We will get you to the right people!


RLEP provides local Scholarships to Camp Vesuvius (A two week Garden Clubs of VA project)

RLEP supports Rappahannock Nature Camp.

Science News Magazine is supplied to the High School

Trash Free Rappahannock takes place each April.  Orange bags and vests are available through RLEP.  Call Jan Makela 540-675-1373   VDOT will pick up the bags if you give us the location!


Seminars and Forums on everything from Native Plants to Invasive Species to Night Skies to Ticks!

Monitoring of the State Legislature and local Board of Supervisors with Actions taken as may be appropriate for Environmental concerns.

Over the Summer: The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) in Front Royal is holding fantastic seminars and lectures on topics as varied as Wildlife Disease in Marine Mammals and Turtles to In-vitro fertilization to produce healthy domestic puppies and Re-introduction of the Scimitar-horned Oryx  (how about that !)   Use the LINK above to see their schedule.
Andrew & tiger

SCBI is partnered with the National Zoo and the Smithsonian.


JOIN US in the preservation of Rappahannock County, a special place, … not achieved by accident!  We owe it to ourselves and future generations to be proper stewards of our beautiful environment.